About The Tea

T4 skinny+ Diet-Free Tea© is made with the finest organic and wild-crafted herbs and spices from around the world.  Our ingredients are carefully selected and researched to work together to bring you natural, healthy detox and weight loss while giving you the ultimate in superfood nutrition.
T4 Holistic Health Products’ founders have had life long health issues. The pain of watching a friend slowly waste away from Parkinson’s disease was motivation to  want to do something to prevent this from happening to anyone else.

We wanted a tea that nourished the body with as many vital nutrients as possible, cleansed the liver and digestive tract, purified the blood and created energy and vitality to boost the immune system. We searched for tea that would do all those things, but couldn’t find one.  We decided to make a tea we would have liked to drink for our own health and well being and share it with others who may also be suffering from health issues.

With those criteria in mind we started the selection process. Health philosophies from India like Ayurvedic medicine, African healing traditions and Chinese energetic medicine all played a part in influencing the tea.

With thousands of herbs, roots and spices in the world to choose from, the big question became which ones are the best for healthy detoxification and weight loss while providing nourishing superfood at the same time?  We developed and refined T4 skinny+ Diet-Free Tea© until the perfect formula was crystallized.  The process was years in the making.  Our hard work and dedication to health became T4 skinny+ Diet-Free Tea© and it’s amazing benefits.

Even if you’re not suffering from illness or overweight, T4 skinny+ is the perfect blend of ingredients to give you optimal nutrition, cleanse your body and boost your energy, simply and naturally.